About us

Iqsmartboost is a social media boosting website, it is one of the tops of the line venders of the growth of Social Media marketing. Iqsmartboost provide all essential social media services in one robust Web Application. The sole aim of this service is to provide businesses and individuals an opportunity to market their goods, services and events through social media marketing and advertisement globally, by boosting their Facebook Page and Facebook post likes, Instagram Followers and Posts likes, increasing their YouTube Subscribers and views.

Iqsmartboost has been automated to keep the brand of business Infront of their ideal customers and a presence that target the right audience with the most consistent interactions aim at promoting their goods, services and brand as a whole.

Iqsmartboost allow you to save time and will allow businesses and individuals manage their content and account, respond to request, to solve issues of customer service, schedule post and provide content that resonates with their target audience. This will also enable you provide consistency, visibility and will help you reach your target audience on time 24/7

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